Eckoz Group has a distinguished 30 year history of innovation and excellence in the hair care industry. Beginning with our origins in Brazil, and continuing today with our US-based manufacturing and sales operations in the beautiful Miami area. Eckoz has become a recognized leader among industry professionals. Our expertise in sourcing and incorporating unique natural ingredients from the Amazon rainforest has made us the choice of beauty professionals worldwide. Eckoz unparalleled standards of manufacturing with only the finest natural ingredients sets us apart from the competition. Our knowledge and experience incorporating tropical treasures such as Açai, Cupuaçu, Guarana and pure Macadamia, Andiroba and Buriti oils create products that deliver unrivalled results. Eckoz original keratin formula has been on the market for over 12 years with proven success and a dedicated following. We invite you to experience the difference our commitment to quality makes.



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