1. Why should I purchase eckoz over other competitors?

    Our company has been successful in the cosmetic industry for over 30 years. We manufacture our own Keratin and we are always testing for quality and consistency. We take pride in bringing you the best products available in the market today, using science to innovate where others don't.

  2. How long will the Keratin treatment last on my hair?

    The Keratin treatment will last for approximately three months, depending on aftercare.

  3. Is this Keratin treatment a relaxer?

    No, it is a treatment base made of Keratin and other special ingredients that naturally eliminate frizz from your hair, leaving it shiny and silky-smooth.

  4. Can I do the Keratin treatment while pregnant or nursing?

    We do not recommend the Keratin treatment while pregnant or nursing.

  5. Should I cut my hair before or after the Keratin treatment?

    We recommend cutting your hair after the Keratin treatment.

  6. Can I perform this treatment on previously relaxed hair?

    Yes, as long as the hair and scalp are healthy.

  7. Can you do the Keratin treatment on colored or highlighted hair?

    Yes, you can use the treatment over color.

  8. Can you do the Keratin treatment on previously chemically treated hair?

    Yes, you can use the Keratin treatment over chemically-processed hair.

  9. Should I color my hair first and then apply the Keratin treatment?

    Yes, we recommend you color the hair first and then use a Keratin treatment.

  10. Can I color my hair after the Keratin treatment?

    Yes you can, however, we recommend waiting at least two weeks for lasting results.

  11. Can you do the Keratin treatment over Japanese straightening agents?

    Yes, our Keratin treatment is compatible with other straightening treatments.

  12. Can you do the Keratin treatment on virgin/unprocessed hair?

    Yes, however, for best results you will probably need to wash your hair a third time to open the cuticles prior to application of the Keratin.

  13. What kind of shampoo should I use after the Keratin treatment?

    You should use a shampoo which is sodium and sulfate free. We recommend using our Cupuaçu Amazon Shampoo which is sodium-chloride free, sodium-sulfate free and paraben-free. This shampoo has been specifically made for the aftercare of our Keratin treatment.

  14. How long should I wait to wash my hair after the treatment?

    You can rinse your hair immediately following the treatment.

  15. Can I use any styling hair products on my hair immediately following treatment?

    You should wait at least 48 hours for best results.

  16. If I get any kinks in my hair when I sleep, what should I do?

    You can use either a blow dryer or flat iron to straighten out the kinks.

  17. Can I wear a ponytail or tie my hair after the treatment?

    You should wait approximately two days before you wear a ponytail to avoid kinking of the hair.

  18. Can I go into the pool or ocean after the Keratin treatment?

    Yes, but it is advisable to avoid saltwater and chlorine because the hair cuticles will reopen and shorten the treatment results. We recommend using our Swiss Deep Conditioning Hair Mask after your hair has been exposed to chlorine or salt water.

  19. Do I have to do touch-ups on the roots or the entire head during my next visit?

    The treatment must be re-applied to the entire head.

  20. When should I have the Keratin treatment done again?

    You can get this treatment done after one month, however, we recommend waiting at least two months to not to stress the hair.

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